ShareBuilder IRA $50 Bonus

by Andy Hough on January 11, 2012 · 3 comments

You can get a $50 promo from ING DIRECT Investing. Open a new ShareBuilder IRA or Roth IRA using promotion code IRA50 and deposit $200 by March 1, 2012. A $50 bonus will be paid into your new ShareBuilder IRA by March 16, 2012. The bonus will be considered a 2012 contribution and counts towards, and may be limited or prohibited by, your annual IRA contribution limit. The bonus will be reported to the IRS on your form 5498. You must have earned income in 2012 to qualify and you must also be eligible for Traditional or Roth IRA contributions. Please note that in accordance with IRA contribution limits, bonuses will not be paid to customers who are known to have maximized 2012 contributions, or made contributions within $50 of the IRA contribution limit, as such bonuses would trigger an over-contribution. Not valid with any other offers.

ShareBuilder is owned by ING DIRECT. Visit the ShareBuilder promo page for more information on this promotion. Or you can click on the affiliate link below to find out more about the promo.

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