GoalMine $25 Bonus for Investing with Gift Cards

by Andy Hough on December 31, 2011

Trade in unused gift cards from other retailers and use the cash to fund your GoalMine account. Get 150% of the first $50 of card value on your first card if you’re opening a new account. That would amount to a $25 bonus. Note that your gift card’s value will be less than the face value.

GoalMine charges no transaction or other fees to use the GoalMine platform. The only fees associated with the investments are those charged by the underlying mutual funds that can be purchased through GoalMine. There are no fees to use the savings account. The total expense ratios for the funds that can be purchased through GoalMine are currently 1.12%-1.4%.

The mutual fund expense ratios seem a little high to me. This could still be a good deal depending on how much they give you for your gift card. I think Betterment.com is a better deal.

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