US Bank $20 Bill Pay Bonus

by Andy Hough on November 17, 2011

U.S. Bank consumer deposit account customers, who enroll in Internet Bill Pay during this promotional period, are eligible for the donation payment offer. Upon scheduling a $1 donation payment using Internet or Mobile Bill Pay, to a charitable cause pre-defined by U.S. Bank, a customer will receive a $10 credit to their checking account within 3-4 weeks following processing of the donation payment. The donation payment must be (1) made within seven (7) days of enrolling in Internet Bill Pay; (2) the first Internet Bill Pay payment scheduled; (3) no more than $1; and (4) processed and verified for credit to apply.

Eligible customers may qualify for an additional $20 credit by paying three (3) bills using Internet Bill Pay within 60 calendar days following the scheduling of the donation payment. All payments must be processed, not scheduled or pending, to qualify. Payments less than $10 or payments made back to the owner of the eligible checking account do not qualify. Payments must be verified for credit to apply, which could take 3-4 weeks following processing of all three additional payments.

Visit the bank promo site for more information on this bank bonus.

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