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The following is a guest post by J.E. Cornett @ Banks in Australia, a blog devoted to providing tips and information on personal finance and banking.

PNC’s Visa Credit Card Offers Multiple Rewards

PNC Bank’s Cashbuilder Visa Credit Card offers PNC checking account holders a wealth of rewards to help you build your checking or savings account balance.

You can earn 1.75% cash back on all net purchases during the first billing cycle after opening your PNC Cashbuilder Visa, but the rewards don’t stop after the first billing cycle is complete.

After the first billing cycle, purchases up to $1,999.99 earn 1.25% cash back. Purchases of $2,000.00 through $3,999.99 earn 1.50% cash back, while purchases of $4,000.00 earn cash back rewards of 1.75%.

Even if you charge lightly, the PNC Cashbuilder Visa can still help you save. If you don’t meet the spending level for higher cash back rewards earnings, having a qualifying checking account can, if you meet the minimum balance or direct deposit requirements. You can earn 1.75% cash back with a PNC Performance Select checking account, or 1.50% cash back with a PNC Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend or PNC Performance checking account.

Cash back rewards are redeemable when you reach $50. The APR for the PNC Cashbuilder Visa is currently 12.99% to 20.99%, deepening upon your credit, and will vary with the market based on the prime rate.

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