3 Ways To Reward Yourself Using A Credit Card

by Andy Hough on June 18, 2011

The following is a guest post on behalf of Financial Facts.

The daily grind can be a lot to handle whether you’re in school, working a full-time job, taking care of kids at home or all three. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight, pass an obnoxious exam or keep the children from spilling each other’s blood. It seems like you just can’t get a break in sideways, and over time this can really take a toll on both your physical and mental health. You toil along, thinking no one ever notices the milestones you’re hitting or how hard you’re working.
Well, you’re probably right. Everyone is so busy and intent on hitting their own goals, they might not see you doing the same thing. Since fairy godmothers seem to be on strike, why wait for a reward that may never come? The best thing to do for yourself is pat your own self on the back and show yourself how much you appreciate YOU.
Since you probably don’t have a cash Reward Fund (but everyone should!) here are 3 ways to reward yourself using a credit card:
1. If you can’t get out of the house, shop for something special online. The world is your shopping oyster, and often times you can get really good deals on clothes, trinkets or even a trophy, if that’s what you want. Slap it on a gold credit card if you have one of course. Just as long as you’re able to pay it back by the end of the billing period to avoid high interest rates. Hey, it’s your reward – order yourself a 10lb. box of gourmet chocolate. You’ve earned it.
2. Spring for a day at the spa. Call in all your favours if you need a babysitter, bribe your boss for time off, even if it’s just an afternoon, and use your credit card to experience a full body massage. The benefits of this will last a lot longer than one afternoon. Be sure to tip your masseuse!
3. Treat yourself to a nice lunch or dinner in a nice place. Rather than grabbing a hamburger and fries on the run, take some time out to have a great meal in a more relaxed atmosphere. Even if you’re watching your weight, there are plenty of places offering reduced calorie menu options.
Life is no picnic, and working to meet your goals may seem like a thankless task, especially if you are waiting for thanks from an outside source. We say take a credit card in hand and splurge on occasion – you’ve earned it, and you deserve it.

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