IGoBanking CD Bonuses – Free Gifts

by Andy Hough on April 7, 2010

IGoBanking has a new site GiftsForBanking that will give you a bonus when you open a CD through them. Their 5-year CD currently pays 3.15% APY which is very competitive. It is one of the highest rates in the nation for a 5-year CD with a low minimum deposit of $1000 although you have to deposit at least $5000 to get a free gift. The rates for their other CD terms are not as competitive.

I wasn’t too impressed with most of the gifts available. The quality of the gifts goes up as your deposit goes up. You have to put some major money into a CD before you can get a decent gift. I prefer to keep my money liquid so I can take advantage of the next bank bonus deal to pop up. However, if you were going to put your money into a 5-year CD anyway this bank promo might be a good deal for you. Visit the bank promo page for more details on this bank bonus.

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