How to Fix RSS Feed That Only Posts Partial Feeds

by Andy Hough on September 5, 2008

My RSS feed should now be displaying full posts instead of just the partial posts it was displaying before.  I couldn’t figure out what was causing this to happen.  I checked on WordPress and my feed was set to publish the full feed.  I checked on Feedburner and I didn’t have the summary feature turned on so I should have been getting full feeds.  The problem was that my RSS feed being burned was the old version of RSS which only shows summary feeds now.  I fixed this problem by changing the end of my feed from bankbonuses/info/feed/rss to bankbonuses/info/feed.  This seems to have corrected the problem. I’ve also read that I could have just changed the rss to rss2 and that would have fixed the problem.  I’ll be monitoring the feed and if I have any more problems I’ll try that.  If you’ve been holding off on subscribing due to the partial feed issue please consider subscribing now.  Please let me know if any more issues arise with the RSS feed.

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