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New E*Trade $25 Bonus

by Andy Hough on June 17, 2008 · 3 comments

E*Trade offers a $25 bonus on their Complete Savings Account pretty regularly. This latest bonus is good through 8/31/2008. The CSA pays a competitive 3.15% and is usually one of the higher-paying savings accounts. You can open the account with just $1. The account has no minimums and no fees. This bonus is for new customers only. I had an account with them two years ago but I’m thinking I might be considered a new customer now and am going to try for this bonus. Worst case scenario I end up with a $1 invested at 3.15% and no bonus. This account pays more than my other savings accounts so I might switch some money over to it anyway. Visit the promo page for more details or to apply for this bank bonus.

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