Make Mini-Money with Moola

by Andy Hough on March 10, 2008

Moola is a free site that offers various ways for you to make money. They have several games that you play against other people to win money. They also have a booster zone where you can be paid for trying products that is similar to how GTP sites work. The way to make money that I like best though is the Search and Win. You use their search engine to do your searches and you will occasionally be allowed to spin a wheel rewarding you with amounts from 2 cents to $9000. You get at least one spin per 24 hours and often more. You generally only make a few pennies a day but it does add up. I cashed out for $20 last year and I’ll probably cash out at least $30 this year. It isn’t big money but if you’re going to be doing searches anyway you might as well be paid for them. The search results are accurate and are powered by Google. After you sign up you can refer others and make a percentage of their winnings. These winnings will not be deducted from your referees; Moola simply pays the referral bonus to you. Click on the link below if you would like to sign up.

Sign Up for Moola!

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