Up to $425 in Chase Checking Bonuses?

by Andy Hough on March 9, 2008

I previously wrote about the Chase $125 personal checking bonus and the $200 business checking bonus. Now it appears there may be a way to combine them for a total of $425 in bonuses. You need to first open the personal checking account at a Chase branch. After opening the checking account ask the banker to print you referral coupons on the personal account. You can use these coupons to refer yourself to a business checking account. You should receive $50 for referring a business checking and $50 for opening the business checking. Combining this with the other bonuses gives you a total of $425 in bonuses. I haven’t tried this as there are no Chase banks where I live. Credit for this idea goes to “Phasers” at this Slick Deals thread.

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