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Review: Discover Open Road Card

The Discover Open Road card allows you to earn a full 5% Cashback Bonus on your first $1,200 in annual gas and auto maintenance purchases (G&A Purchases). In addition, you earn a full 1% on all other purchases after your total annual purchases (including gas and auto maintenance) exceed $3,000; other purchases that are part of your first $1,500 earn .25% and other purchases that are part of your second $1,500 earn .50%. Combined G&A Purchases in excess of $1,200 earn Cashback Bonus at the same rate as other purchases.

The 5% back on G&A purchases sounds good but they will soon be changing it so that only the first $100 a month in G&A purchases earns 5% back. Above that you will receive Cashback at the regular rate. This could still be a good card you just have to manage it make sure you get the most rewards. What I would do is make four $25 gas purchases in a month and not use the card for anything else. This would get you the maximum amount of Cashback at 5% and not have anything only getting .25%. Combined with another gasoline reward card this could be a pretty good deal. Discover also currently has a 0% balance transfer offer available. Click on the link below to apply or for more information.

Apply for the Discover® Open Road Card

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