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by andy h on November 12, 2006

There are probably plenty of people out there who would like to find out how to make money blogging. One way to make money by blogging is to put adsense ads on your blog. However, unless you have very high traffic it is likely you will only make pennies a day from this.

There is another way you can use your blog to make money. This is by getting paid to blog. This is with They are paying me to write this post. I am going to limit the paid posts to one a week and only on weekends.

You will first need to get your blog qualified. Once your Blog qualifies, you can now participate in Blogitive’s web release program and start making money online. Through the web release program you will receive offers from Blogitive’s clients with a short press release about the client’s website and/or services. There will also be a word/phrase for you to hyperlink to the client’s website. You accept the offer and just write a post in your own words about the web release, just like a publisher would do if they received a press release from a company, and link the word/phrase assigned to the URL provided in the offer. There is a great video tutorial on Blogitive to give you a better understand of how this all works. Once your Blog posting is approved you will usually earn $5 for the post you wrote for Blogitive. There are people on Blogitive that make $1000 per week through this Web Release Program.There are many other services that will give you the ability to make money online that Blogitive plans to roll out. So if you haven’t checked out Blogitive already, I suggest you do because there are many ways to make money online but not many that are as easy as this and actually pay you enough to make it worth your time. They have paid me consistently with no problems so you should have no problems.

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