Selling Airline Coupons

by andy h on November 10, 2006

This isn’t really a bonus but it is an easy way to make money so I thought I’d put it on here. I read a post on another blog earlier this year discussing how the blogger was able to sell airline coupons he received in the mail on eBay for $10-$15 bucks. This sounded like a pretty easy way to make money to me but I never received coupons like that in the mail. Anyway, yesterday I did receive such a coupon in the mail. A quick check over at eBay showed there was plenty of demand for them and the closing price was usually around $15. After seeing that I went to the trash can my apartment keeps in front of the mailbox and dug out a couple more coupons. I might check the other building in my complex for even more coupons. This is a pretty easy way to make money and at $15 bucks a pop it is worthing digging them out of the trash. (Note this is clean trash. The only thing put in there is people’s junk mail. Although in this case it isn’t really junk.)

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