ING and HSBC Raise Rates

by andy h on June 30, 2006

HSBC has raised their rate to 5.05%. I was wondering when they would break the 5% barrier. You can now make more investing in an HSBC savings account than in many 1-year cds.

ING has also raised their rate but they are seriously lagging at 4.35%. It doesn’t seem that ING wants to compete with HSBC and Emigrant Direct for the highest interest rate. However they do offer a $25 sign up bonus. If you invest the minimum for a short period of time you can still come out ahead. Click on the link at the top of the page to get an ING DIRECT referral. If for some reason you don’t want a $25 bonus and would rather just visit the site and open an account on your own, click the following link.
<p>here to start saving with ING DIRECT!

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