Stop Drinking Soda and Save Hundreds

by andy h on June 25, 2006

Inspired by this post at pfadvice I have decided to cut back on my soda consumption. Not only will this save me money, I will also gain health benefits from the reduction in calorie intake. I calculate by replacing 36 ounces a day of soda with water my calorie intake will be reduced by 2940 calories a week. That is basically a day’s worth of calories.

I won’t be able to save as much as at pfadvice but I should save between $250-$300 by replacing soda with water. At my current job I get soda for free so I still have one a day there. Before I was having soda at work and still purchasing soda while off work also. My plan is to only drink soda when it is free. I think this way I should be able to gradually reduce my craving for soda and save money while I am at it.

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