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See a Penny, Pick it Up?

At my current part-time cleaning job I pick up a small amount of change everyday. I figure most people don’t know they dropped their change or can’t find it after dropping it. Still there are probably a lot of people who just don’t bother to pick up their dropped change figuring it isn’t worth the time.

Even if you only dropped a penny it is probably worth your time to pick it up. It shouldn’t take more than five seconds to pick it up. That works out to 60 cents a minute which comes out to $36 an hour. That is well above my wage so it is definitely worth my time. Even if you make more than $36 an hour you should probably pick it up since it is unlikely that spending five seconds to pick up a coin is going to deprive you of the opportunity to make your higher wage for five seconds. So the next time you see a penny, pick it up. It is worth it.

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