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Recap-Days 11 thru 14

Just got back from a hiking trip. I’m not going to detail what I ate on these days. I am posting what food I bought and how much I spent on food.

Money spent on food:

Recap total:$9.73
Monthly total:$34.87

Bought 1 quart Powerade(1.19), drumstick ice cream cone(.79), 6 oz. tortilla chips(.99) at convenience store while hiking. Bought large chocolate milkshake($3.27) at Mcd’s on return from hike. Probably wasn’t a wise purchase but I was dehydrated and craving a milkshake. Bought grape jelly(.98), 2 liter Dr Pepper($1.00), and 22.5 oz bag Raisin Bran ($1.48) for actual groceries.

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