Socks pay for themselves

by andy h on January 31, 2006

How do socks pay for themselves? I’ve been doing a load of whites once a week at a cost of $2.25. I usually do a load of whites whenever I run out of clean socks. I just bought six pairs of socks for $4.00. With more socks I will have to do laundry less often. If this allows me to do one less load of laundry a month, I save $2.25 a month. This means in two months I will have saved more in reduced laundry costs than the cost of the socks.

Of course there is a limit to this. I can’t just keep buying more socks and still be saving money. This is because my load of whites can only grow so large. Also I will run out of other whites I need to use before I have worn all my socks. Currently I have just the right amount of socks so that everything works out just right.

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