Cheap Hobbies

by andy h on January 5, 2006

One of the best ways to keep your expenses down is to have cheap hobbies. My two main hobbies are backpacking and running. Once you have your gear backpacking costs almost nothing. I went on a 4 mile hike yesterday. My only expense was the gas I used in getting to the trailhead. Running shoes are about the only expense you have to incur for running. You might have race entry fees, heart monitors, special running wear and such, but all of that is optional. I’ve let my running slide the last month due to the colder weather. I can avoid the cold weather by running on the treadmill at the fitness center. I much prefer to run outside than on the treadmill though. Still it’s better than not running at all. Also part of my tuition is paying for the fitness center so I might as well use it.

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