Cutting Expenses

by andy h on January 4, 2006

Since I’m only spending in the $700 range each month, I don’t have much room to cut expenses. I’ve decided I can cut my expenses in a couple of areas though. The first area is food. I need to quit eating so much fast food and eat at home instead. Doing this should allow me to cut $20-$30 a month from my food budget and as an added bonus should help me lose weight since whatever I make at home will likely be healthier than fast food. The second area to cut is entertainment. I’ve decided to cancel my cable bill after this month. The only reason I got it in the first place is because in this area I can’t get any channels over the airwaves. With football season coming to a close I’ll be watching less TV so I can’t justify paying for cable anymore. As an added bonus I should be more productive since I won’t spend hours watching TV programs I don’t even care about. I’ll be looking for more ways to cut expenses but I think this is about all I can do.

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