Buying/Selling Textbooks

by andy h on January 2, 2006

I talked to a classmate of mine today who told he had spent $400 on books for this semester. By buying my books used from, amazon, and ebay I’ve managed to only spend about $100 on my books for this semester. As anyone who is in school now or has been recently can tell you University bookstores are a ripoff. You can easily save a ton of money by buying used books online. You also can usually sell your books online for much more than the university bookstore will pay you for your books. I’ve never had any problems yet. Although the book I ordered from Amazon is taking a long time. If it doesn’t arrive in the next couple of days I will have to contact the seller and see what is going on. It isn’t a big problem if the book doesn’t arrive before the start of classes though. I can always buy the book at the bookstore and then return it when my book arrives in the mail. I would definitely recommend to anybody to buy/sell their books online rather than use the university bookstore.

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