Monthly Budget and Credit Score

by andy h on December 28, 2005

I have decided to keep track of my monthly budget and my credit score on this site. My Providian credit card gives me my credit score each month. Last month my score was 735 and this month it is 725. It probably went down because my credit card balances went up. I won’t detail how I spent my money for December since it is a non-typical month. To give you an idea of my normal budget though, my expenses for October were $780.44 and $710.11 for November. As you can see I am already living on a low amount. It will be difficult for me to cut much from that. Also I will post my net worth for the end of the year. Unlike in most of the blogs I’ve seen, my net worth will be seriously negative. I’ll also post financial resolutions for next year. Increasing my net worth will be one of my resolutions.

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